Still Jet Lagged and Eye Sore (2019)

Abstract: The phenomenon of recurring international exhibitions is addressed with respect to an “aesthetic of experience” and the role played by international curators in the creation of contemporary art. Drawing on recent publications by Caroline A. Jones, Charles Green, and Anthony Gardner, it is argued that critical power of experientially immersive contemporary art projects commissioned for biennials, triennials, and documenta is highly overrated. Continue reading “Still Jet Lagged and Eye Sore (2019)”

Interview with Laray Polk (2017)

Q. Michael, you’ve lived and worked all around the world— the US, England, and Germany. How long have you been in Dallas, and what brought you here?

A. I settled in Dallas in 2009 after having been offered the post of Chair of the Division of Art at SMU. Although I’ve completed that role, I continue to teach there. One class that I’ve designed is “Critical Issues”, a survey of the practices and debates that shaped art from the 1960s to the present. Another is “Systems”, a foundation-level course exploring systems theory where the emphasis is rule-driven practice that aims to provide an alternative model to naïve conception of self-expression in/through art. Continue reading “Interview with Laray Polk (2017)”

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