Emblems (2015)

Emblems are complex allegorical symbols constructed by linking a motto, an image, and a commentary.

The abundant lexicon of text and image relationships — description, alienation, disruption, translation, and simplification, to name a few — provides entry points for our conversation with the emblem. Continue reading “Emblems (2015)”

Wind of the Interim Position

Continue reading “Wind of the Interim Position”

Leaving Skull City: Selected Writings on Art

InvCollConv_LSC Cover

Now Available from Les Presses du Réel

An illustrated compilation of insightful, first-hand accounts of art making, art criticism, and exhibition organizing from the early-1970s to the present. Continue reading “Leaving Skull City: Selected Writings on Art”

Atlas Dallas III: Self Help

selfHelp1 Continue reading “Atlas Dallas III: Self Help”

Atlas Dallas II: Civic Duty

civic_duty_1 Continue reading “Atlas Dallas II: Civic Duty”

Atlas Dallas I: Dallasian Spring



Continue reading “Atlas Dallas I: Dallasian Spring”

Storage Problem (2014)

Composite Bleeds

 Michael Corris: What will be the greatest challenge for artists during the next millennium?

Susan Sontag: The storage problem.

Continue reading “Storage Problem (2014)”

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