Incidents on a Page: Dallas-Venice Dreamscapes, 1976-2020 (Publication)

Incidents on a Page: Dallas-Venice Dreamscapes: 1976-2020 is a new publication in the form of images, abstractions, and excerpts of texts by the artist and colleagues. The publication links two themes that define my standpoint as an artist and writer in dialogue with the institutions of art: the impact on artists of the global art network and the future of self-managed, sustainable support structures by and for artists and their public.

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Emblems (2015)

Emblems are complex allegorical symbols constructed by linking a motto, an image, and a commentary.

The abundant lexicon of text and image relationships — description, alienation, disruption, translation, and simplification, to name a few — provides entry points for our conversation with the emblem. Continue reading “Emblems (2015)”

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