“Rethinking Art and Philosophy as an Interdisciplinary Field” (2019) Abstract & Video

“In a pluralistic conception of discipline”, suggests Jann Pasler, “the question is not so much what is new or old, or what needs to be replaced or superseded, but rather how each perspective can be enriched by the presence of the other.”

The very idea of interdisciplinarity is contentious, even as the term positions itself alongside “entrepreneurship” as the buzzword of the age. Continue reading ““Rethinking Art and Philosophy as an Interdisciplinary Field” (2019) Abstract & Video”

What Do Artists Know? (2012)



Some contemporary art is profoundly engaged with the world in ways that go beyond interpretation. We seem to be in the midst of a cultural moment where the instrumentalization of art has never been more widely accepted among artists. Whether such artistic practices seek to work across disciplines like science or sociology, or aim to intervene positively in the social and cultural life of communities, the artists involved may be said to hold in common the belief that there is a real advantage that flows from the fact that they come to the scene as artists. We are familiar with the notion of the artist as a problem-solver. But what of other, more contentious knowledge claims?


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